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1. Guo Huanan, Lei Kai, and Li Xiaoming, “On the Extraction of Semantic Descriptors of Popular Files from the Internet”, Journal of Jiangxi Normal UniversityNatural Sciences Edition, 2007,12

2。 LEI Kai, Li Yong-Hua;  Mazelive: the Receiver-Driven Peer-to-Peer System for Live Media Streaming”, Computer Engineering and Design, 2008,03  

3. LEI KaiLiang Bing, "A NAT Traverse Architecture based on UDP punching hole in pure P2P enviornment and its Algorthims", Computer Engineering and Design, 2007,04

4. LI Hui1, HE Wei1, YI Peng2,WANG Bing-rui1, LEI Kai1, AN Hui-yao1, WANG Bin-qiang2, Modeling Multi-path Self-routing Switching Structure from Multistage Interconnection of Sorting ConcentratorsActa Electronica Sinica, 2008,01

5. LEI KaiCHEN MaoLIU Zhen-yu, “Implementation and Design of Multi-Source P2P VoD Architecture based on Graphic Model”, Computer Engineering and Design, 2007,04

6. LEI KaiLIN Yan-yanLIU Zhen-yu, “Implementation and Design of Hybrid Super-Node Architecture based on Maze SystemComputer Engineering and Design, 2007,07

7. LEI KaiWANG Donghai, "Implementation and Evaluation of Incremental Web Crawler based on TianWang Search Engine", Computer Engineering, 2007,09

8. Zhengyu Liu,Marta Kwiatkowska,Kai LeiAn Adaptive Epidemic Broadcast Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks”, ICMLC 2007, HongKong, EI检索.

9  "Automatic Community Discovery in Peer-to-Peer Systems", Gu Weidong, Weiwei, 5th International Conference on Grid and Cooperative Computing - Workshops

M.S. Thesis Papers:

1.”Architecture and Implementation of a Multiple-Source P2P VoD System”,Mao Chen (Computer Architecture),Directed by Xiaoming Li, Kai Lei.

2. “Obtaining Users’ Attributes and Discovering Communities in P2P Systems” Gu WeiDong, Directed by Xiaoming Li, Kai Lei.

3. “Personality Extraction and Information Recommendation Based on Info-base”,Jinghe Hu(Computer Architecture),  Directed by Xiaoming Li, Kai Lei

4. “DOGrid: A Receiver-Driven Peer-to-Peer System for Live Media Streaming”,Yonghua Li   (Computer Architecture)  Directed by Yafei Dai, Kai Lei

5. “Research and Practice on NAT Traversal in P2P Environment”, Bing Liang (Computer Architecture), Directed by Wei Yan, Kai Lei

6. “Architecture Design of Mixed Super-node Mode in Maze 6 (P2P)”,Yanyan Lin (Computer Software and Theory), Directed by Wei Yan, Kai Lei

7. “The Design and Implementation of Tianwang SE's Incremental Crawler”,Donghai Wang (Computer Software and Theory) , Directed by Wei Yan, Hua Han

8. “Retrieval Performance Optimization and Resource Evaluation in Maze System”,Zhengke Wang( Computer Architecture), Directed by Xiaoming Li, Kai Lei













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